Friday, December 4, 2009

Engagement Cake

Have not been lucky lately with fondant covered cakes...wonder why ( or may be i should stick to making cupacakes only...*wink*).
During delivery, the top tier kind of moved a few inches towards the edge! Mitch was already at the pick up venue. No wonder he was kind of speechless when he saw his engagement cake...Well, to make the cerita drama shorter, I had to bring it back, redo the bottom tier and hand it back to Mitch in 2.5 hours! The incident was a blessing in disguise, as I liked the redo-version better :-).

White and gold color scheme. Cakes were chocolate moist cake (maaan, the crumbs from the cake were driving me crazy)

How it looked like from the top. Made the roses myself

*Pictures were taken on my dining table just before leaving the house. So, excuse the weird background in the picture .

Congrats to both of you, Mitch and Lucy!

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