Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cupcakes for Karen

I just loved decorating cupcakes with fondant. Simply because, I could be more creative.....and the best thing is, my kitchen, work station and sink are not covered with butter cream (I never enjoyed the washing part, to be honest)!!

Here's a set I did last weekend.

I think they look lovely with just like this....

Some of them, cuppies with the fondant toppers

Thanks Gloria & C0...(:-))

Baptism Cupcakes

Normally, when some one order my cupcakes for the first time, I would ask which icing would you prefer, the 'traditional' butter icing or 'butter cream;? Butter icing is firmer, grainy and very sweet while butter cream is lighter in texture and less sweet. For me, its a matter of personal preference. So, do let me know which one pleases your palate the best!!!

These cupcakes were decorated with butter icing....Alice, next order we use butter cream, k? Thanks dear..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 in 1 celebrations

Shannen's and Xavier's birthday and Clint and Anya 1st Holy Communion celebrations, all in 1 day!


Royal Icing image on Vanilla cupcakes.

Pandan and vanilla ( i managed to get some vanilla beans this time...) cupcakes

Shannen's birthday cake...hmmm, it looks like number 6 is going to topple over anytime...
Top tier is orange butter cake and bottom is moist choc cake. All covered in valrhona chocolate ganache

Thanks Doris...hope the kids were not sugar high and hyper after feasting on the cakes!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mama & Son's Birthday

I was in a big rush, to complete my second order (for Nina)...didn't even have to time to take a decent shot of the cupcakes. 38 cuppies to celebrate the colorful 36 years of her life..Happy Birthday my friend and may He grant you many with more beautiful years to come..that's for the mama...

As for the son, so many dramas in getting the Ben10 image for the cake...had to use an alternative image (I made sure it was safe to put on the cake, of course!) since the one's I ordered didnt arrive on-time (despite the tagline "Dijamin Sampai Esok' by Pos Malaysia...grrrrrr).
Glad that Pascal liked the cake...(except the candle, he said......Ok, will use diff candle next time, k?)

Thanks La

Engagement Cake and Cupcakes

For Nina & Hidayat.....

I dont have any name for the flowers....thus, I named them Nina's Flowers

Black fondant cake

Thanks Nina, and congratulations to both of you

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wedding Gift

Got the confirmation of this order less than 24 hours to the time I was suppose to deliver it! Since time was not on my side, I had to create something simple with whatever I had on hand, which consist of some balls of gumpaste and fondant..only. Did simple blossoms ...not easy without a proper veining tool...

Thanks again Fui Fui!