Monday, May 17, 2010

My Sis's Wedding Cake

This is the cake, which kept me busy in the first week of May! Since this would be for my Sis, I have to make sure it turn out nice.:-). The theme color is brown and white. I love this color first attempt at using Edible image on wedding cake...and my first 5 tiered cake too :-D.

The reception was held at my parent's residence...It was raining very heavily 3 hours before the function..thus my fondant became wet and sticky!
Deco was made of gumpaste and ribbons and more ribbons (end up using more than I should...aishhh)!
The monograms were made of Edible images too.

(yeah, we have a pink wall at home!!)

Family Cupcakes

I enjoyed the time spent molding  the "faces"  of Joanne's family member, and use it to decorate the birthday cupcakes for her dad. No pictures or description were given as a guide. So, I just go with the flow of me own fingers and brain juice!

Here there are...before....Take a guess, which one is mum and which one is dad..:-)


The birthday celebrant...and mum is just behind

Edible Mac Mini

No occasion, no celebrant..just for fun! That was the instruction I get from Ary..

2nd picture courtesy of Walids Ibrahim
Hope Ary and co had as much fun "eating" the cake, as I did decorating it.

Cuppies for a 1 year old

Abeygail's 1st birthday cuppies...No specific theme requested by Abey's mom. I decided to use Edible images for the animals. It is so much easier to use this kind of decorating I could just print whatever images I wish to much better also because my customers will not suffer from having their cakes decorated with pictures drawn by me!(Did I mention before that I dropped Art from my Form 3 and From 5 exam?) haha!

Wish i have a better pics where the cuppies were arranged nicely....huhuhu..As always, the pics were taken just before I delivered the cuppies.

Cupcakes for Baby

Hi ya all!! I am back..Breaking the month long silence with this post of baby cakes i did some time in April, for Devianna's niece. Just some gum-paste toppers like the one i did before and some edible pictures to decorate the cupcakes.