Sunday, March 21, 2010

Edible Princesses!

Here's yet another set of princess cupcakes..this time, I used "standing" edible image for the "princesses".

2in1 theme

Did this for Apple's friend, Cherry..cakes were picked up by Kiwi, Cherry's sister....:-)  interesting right!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Moo-moo Cow on a Cupcake

I have been waiting for a chance to do  cute cow fondant toppers. When I asked Pam which year her sister was born, I was excited to know it was in the year of the Ox..
These cupcakes were ordered by Pam for her sister Patricia...who happened to be a Lecturer at one of the nursing school in KK....what a coincidence, I delivered a Nurse themed cupcakes before this one..

Nurse Themed Cupcakes

Cupcakes for a Mama, who turned 61 today....cupcakes ordered by her son, Ary..

not sure myself why i choose to put the tablets in a 'palm'..probably, that's what nurses do, handing out tablets to her patients...oh forgot to mention, Puan Masnah was a nurse before.

A Teddy Bear and a poem

Whenever I do cakes for young couples, I would be reminizing my younger days and decorating the cakes at the same time..probably thats where i get my ideas flowing..( haha, yeah right!)

sorry, cant really read the poem says" Esp for My Dear, 1 thing to do, 3 works for you, I love You...

Presies Cupcakes

Instead of waiting for other people to send you cupcakes as your birthday gift, why not order 1 set for yourself instead? Thats what Kinut did recently! Complete with Box and Ribbons too! I think we should do this once in a while, right? We deserve something nice.....
I just loved the combination of black, purple, pink and blue

Daffodils cupcakes

This is quite a challenging request for first..Reason being, I have never seen or made any daffodils before. After searching in the ever-so-helpful online tutorials, I managed to made some. Well, not as real-life as I wanted them to be though....

ok..I am beginning to like the new features in Bloggers...

Princess Themed Cupcakes

Another princess cupcakes. I used both gumpaste and edible images as the decorations.

Thanks to both Florace and Ally for the orders

Football themed Cake and cupcakes

Feb is gone...and March is here. So many events took place in Feb, at least, for me and my family members. Events which we do not want to remember, yet, cant forget. Well, life goes on and so does my bake-decorating projects.
To break the almost-a-month hiatus, let me start with this football themed set. Ordered by Rose for her dad and Harold. Cupcakes were Vanilla with choc cheese  and the fondant covered cake , a carrot cake.

wow, so long didnt upload any pics.... have to get used to this new features of Bloggers..hmmm..yet to find out if I like the changes or far, so good, well, not really actually..blehhh!