Friday, April 9, 2010

Mickey loves football!

another set of cupcakes with dual theme. Mickey actually turned 14 this year, but dearest Sis, never thought that her baby bro is older now.... once a  "baby" will always be a "baby" :-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Engagement Cupcakes

An engagement gift for the couple, by Norfazreena. She wanted merah hati for the red shade, unfortunately, for butter-based icing, it is difficult to achieve, unless, of course, if i put in tonnes of red color, which I personally think, is not healthy.

Blue and Yellow Fondant Cupcakes

This is what happened when you are in a hurry! Took the picture right on top of my silpat! Viewers, please ignore the ugly background in the pic, k? :-))  Ewan is such as sweet and patient guy, whom waited for me, though I was a bit late when i delivered these cuppies.

I am sure, you would be wondering whats the alphabets stands for...we too..but of course, you dont questions your client on what exactly it meant. One thing for sure, it meant something to this couple. 


Panda and rainbow themed cupcakes for Wanie's friends :-)

All were decorated with buttercream icing..