Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bible Cake

A cake for a double celebration for M. Sr Jacinta. As small as the bible was, it was quite a challenge to make sure that the book cover stayed 'square' when applied on the cake.

Inside is a moist chocolate cake covered with a thin layer of chocolate ganache.

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Valentine's day comes early for Vanessa and Daniel this year....and advance V-Day celebration.

Cupcakes for Velvet's Mom

2 different set of cupcakes for velvet's mom, special choc and choc cheese vanilla cupcakes ( choc and vanilla are velvet's fav.....ikut selera tukang order :-) )

Not sure what else to put on the cupcakes.....suddenly thought of a wok, every mom's must-have. I spent the whole sunday afternoon making all the flowers and toppers...

Chocolate Cake

If I'm not baking and decorating cupcakes, I'll be baking chocolate cake...been baking lots and lots of chocolate cake lately and this is one of them. Received lots of positive feedback for this particular chocolate cake. No complicated deco required esp when it's covered with rich chocolate ganache.

This was baked and decorated for a couple whom celebrates their wedding anniversary and birthday in the same lucky

Blue and Brown

Love this color combo.

I find it difficult to come up with color schemes for 'men and boys', sometimes....When it comes to decorating cakes, most of the time, the color pink and white will normally be on top of my "color list" and other similar shades are just soooooo pretty on cakes. But of course, who said cakes are only for the "softer" gender....

......waiting for the day to decorate a PINK cake for a guy!

Ok, ok, back to what I meant to post :-)