Friday, December 4, 2009

Chocolicious cupcakes!

Get to use my chocolate mould/press here.

Cake is double chocolate cupcakes topped with whipped choc ganache.

Didnt realise 1 part of the picture is blurry (must be my fingerprint on the cam lense...grrrr). In case any of you are wondering, Happy B'day My Li'l Princess is written on the plaque.

Made for Mary Ann, from Joel.


Mary-Ann said...

Ahhh... Will e-mail you a photo without fingerprints... Hehe.

- The cupcakes recipient -

fui fui said...

Punya men sadap...berliur sia sini nihon...

Msethel'scupcakes said...

Hi Li'l princess, thank you for the pics!
Fui fui, when u come back, buli order bah..hehehe..Meanwhile, enjoy all the sushis there