Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baptism Cupcakes

Baptism celebration for Eva Marie. Deco were as specified by her Dad....baby dresses, cross and some flowers only...

Pink Hearts & Teddy and Cupcakes

Maia is 3 and currently, crazy about anything pink and heart shaped......that's how her Mama described her...despite the wet weather, I enjoyed decorating her b'day cake. Luckily the fondant and decorations were not really affected by the rain and all..Thank goodness for air-conditioner.

Cake is moist chocolate with a layer of choc ganache

Will be doing Maia's birthday cuppies this week. Shall upload the pics once I am free....stay tuned!

Update ...

Maia's Cupcakes
These cupcakes were for Maia's birthday party at her kindy.

Same theme, pink, hearts and teddies.

I used my teddies stamps on gum-paste hearts

Pink Daisies

Another request for similar design. But this time, I made darker hued pink daisies...and of course, with some butterflies too.
Thanks Anne of UMS

Orange and white

These were made for Habeeb's gf, a soon-to-be teacher. I have never done orange colored cupcakes before and was pleasantly surprised to see the outcome. Hmm, not bad ( i mean, the color scheme lah!)

Wordings as per Habeeb's :-):-)


Some flat piece of cats to go with the cupcakes, as Val loved cats so much. Excuse the missing whiskers (2 reasons, I forgot........ and style maaa!)

Picture taken with veery bad lighting....(sorry)
Cupcakes were vanilla with choc cheese center..........

Monday, January 18, 2010


I just looooove lamingtons. My sister in law used to bring back store-bought lamingtons from Australia...those were so long ago, when she was studying there. But I only learnt and tried to make some quite recently.

I posted the link to the recipe here, if any of you would like to try it..otherwise, can just drop me a line and I'll whip some for you!

Just perfect for afternoon tea!

...and of course, this tier can be rented at a reasonable price......(:-)

Wedding Gift

Life is more meaningful when you have thoughtful friends! The cake is ordered as a wedding gift by the school friends of the bride..very thoughtful kan...

This cake travelled all the way to Kota Belud last saturday, during heavy rain! I was worried that the decorations would sag and turn soft..saw the picture posted by one of the bride's friend..huhuhu, my butterflies lied flat on the cake! It has been raining everyday in KK. I feel sorry for some people who were decorating wedding cakes during last weekend. Must be very challenging..wet weather is a no friend of fondant cake..everything would turn shiny, sticky and saggy..yikes!!

Dear Fui Fui and friends, this is how the cake looked like when I handed it over to Fui Len (waaah, even your name rhymes ooo, Fui!)
Thanks Ladies

Donna's Blackberry

Donna wished for a Blackberry for her 22nd birthday and he wish was granted!! Tadaaa.....
but it's in a form of an edible Blackberry...hehehe. Thanks to Wawa and her friends.

The cupcakes, represent each of them (Flip, Wawa, Jessie, Grech, Erwin and Chua)...Doraemon represented the birthday girl..the pig, errrrr, not sure who! Hahaha.

I heard you guys had fun....Happy Birthday Donna.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anniversary Cupcakes

Red butter cream.......this is always a challenge! No matter how much colorant you add, it wont turn into that sharp-deep-red color!

Here's why:

I used cooked sugar in my butter cream. The ratio of butter to sugar is much higher than in butter icing (where icing sugar is added into butter). Fondant and butter icing absorb and 'show' the red colorant better than buttercream due to the icing sugar content.. ..hope anyone who reads this would understand why, sometimes, the buttercream on the cake just dont look red enough...

I delivered a set of cupcakes this afternoon...was supposed to be red, but I guess, not red

but hey, look on the brighter side...at least you dont stuff so much colorant into your digestive system!

Dun want too sexy!

Hahaha, dont be fooled by the topic of this post!

Dun the birthday boy, obviously, has some naughty female colleagues..... The instruction I received was, something sexy, but not too sexy...

...am loving my flowery stamps....:-)

First Post for 2010

Posting my first set of cupcakes for this brand-new year.
Another set of girly cuppies....