Monday, August 16, 2010

White and Lavender Wedding Cake

I guess, I was very lucky to receive this order, for a couple who is not fussy about the cake design. I was given the freedom to choose any design a 3 tier wedding cake in such a short notice (well, for a wedding cake newbie like me, 4 days is a short notice...seriously) long as I sticked to the theme color.

Since it was held in a big hall, I had to make sure the cake is not "drowned" or dwarfed by the size of the hall. I hope it didn't.

I will not claim this design to be 100% was adapted from a Wedding Cake magazine, courtesy of Miss D.

I only noticed the base board was 2 inches smaller than it was supposed to be...

Corporate Cupcakes

Just some cupcakes with very simple design for Maxis family is so much easier with edible image! I don't have to crack my head on how to draw the logo and such... just print, cut and paste :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red and White Birthday Cake

Evania's parents are MU fans, hence, they choose red and white for her first birthday.

It was a challenge doing this crawling baby figurine..yeah, she is SUPPOSE to look like she is crawling on 4. Oh well, I hope to do better next time!

Bottom tier is a butter cake and top tier is a moist choc cake

Wedding and Engagement Cakes

These are fondant cakes i did way back in June! Waah so long ago..

Wedding cake ( ooops, sorry, i forgot the bride's name..she ordered this through a friend of mine)

Engagement Cake of  Priscella

Co-incidentally, both cakes traveled all the way to Papar, for functions held on the same day!   :)