Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Black and White Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

Breaking the silence (again!) with a black and white themed wedding cupcakes and cake.
The day these were delivered, the sky was dark and gloomy! At the same time, the cakes had to travel up north...few hours of drive from KK. Was so worried that they (the cakes lah) wont make it..But of course, judging from the pictures sent by the bride, the cakes were safe!

Here are pixies taken before they were delivered:

Wanted to have butterflies embossed on the fondant..but i guess, I was not fast enough as the fondant have dried when I attempted to stamp it....only managed to leave faint butterfly marks...

The pics here courtesy of  Myra, the bride.
Cake and cupcakes on a custom-made tier