Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby Eva Marie Young

I love decorating cakes for babies. Eva's parents requested something simple in pink and purple. For baby girl, there are lots of 'decorations' you could actually do..booties, baby blanky, pink teddy bears, flowers and the list goes on.

For Eva, a first born to George and Jofanna, we finally settled for pink and purple daisies for the cutting cake and small white flowers for the cupcakes, on top of the pink and purple swirl.

Follows are pictures, courtesy of George, who happens to be a professional photographer.

Enjoy the pictures!

cutting cake is butter walnut cake

Cupcakes are lemon and pandan flavoured, and vanilla with choc cheese filling.

Love this shot!

Thanks a lot George and Jo...thanks for the nice shots too!


Cupcakes! Anisecupcakes said...

so so pretty...:)

Msethel'scupcakes said...

thanks anise

Honey Bee Sweets said...

The cake & cupcakes are so lovely! Wish I can make something like that! BTW, would you be so kind as to share with me how you get those Italic fonts cut out? Do you have a special kind of alphabet cutter for this kind of fonts? Where can I buy them in Malaysia / Singapore? Thanks so much for the advice in advance!

Msethel'scupcakes said...

Hi Honey bee, TQ. Of course you could. I used FMM Italics Alphabet cutters. Could get it from ICCA or Cake Connection, both in KL..cheers

helenfunk said...

Very nice oo the cake...... about my cake... its confirmed k....