Saturday, September 26, 2009

Emma Goes to Hollywood

I was challenged to bake and decorate a guitar cake for a 12 year old girl who wants a purple and white guitar for her birthday cake. Was agonizing for the past 2 weeks on whether I would be able to execute this project successfully. The person who ordered this (U.S.A) was an old school friend, known her since we were in our teen (was not given a chance to even turn this order down!...huhuhuu)

Spent about 4 hours on the guitar cake.....sighhh. So much flaws....the only consolation is, it does look like a guitar!!! LOL

At the same time, Emma's mum is also a sept baby, so I was to bake a separate cake for May. Both cakes are kind of a birthday present for them, from U.S.A . Such a generous person you are, La.
Delivered the cakes this evening to the venue of the party and the theme was Emma Goes to Hollywood (thus, the guitar, I suppose)

Carrot cake for the guitar and Moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache for mum's cake..Thanks for viewing

I could not wait for the banquet boy to finish the 'ruffles' around the cake when I took this shot, which was suppose to cover all the 'exposed' part of the board
front view

..and to my friend USA, thank you for the opportunity and words of encouragement!


Bren said...

Wow!! Fanny it really looks like a real guitar.. Very nicely done. Congrats. Salute you can do 2 big cakes in one go.. and only took 4 hours to decorate that guitar cake.. Well done.. very nice :)


Msethel'scupcakes said...

Tks Bren..still have not fully recovered from the fondant rolling marathon!