Friday, August 14, 2009

Girly stuffs!

Sometimes I wish have magic hands so that I could make and create aaaaanything! The 3D high heels which was supposed to be the 'star' for these set of cuppies had to be abandoned somewhere on my working bench...which will eventually go into the trash...nevertheless, I hope Donna and especially the b'day celebrant, Serena, would still enjoy them cuppies, somewhere, tonite.
Ok lah, here goes:

Thanks Donna and Wawa


Donna said...

My girlfriend loves the cuppies! Thanks again for doing a wonderful job!


Msethel'scupcakes said...

Tks a lot Donna

Serena Allysha Wong said...

Hei.. My 21 birthday cuppies.. hehehe.. its awesome! Thank u.. :)

Msethel'scupcakes said...

no problem...had fun decorating them