Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Squire's Kitchen

It never occured to me before, that one day, I would mess my hands with cakes and icings on a regular basis! You know what?? I should have done this since long time ago.....

Anyway, back to this Squire's Kitchen thingy....
I was a bit hesitant in 'investing some money' on this particular new skill. But family members have been pretty encouraging. Like what my sister said, there's nothing better than investing in new skills! Indeed and I never regretted attending this course

Spent 5 fruitful and wonderful days (and tiring of course...) with Rosalind Chan, the best facilitator you could ever have, when it comes to cake decorating.

Pixies time....didnt get to 'immortalized' all of my so called masterpiece (ahakkk....!). there were times, when I didnt even have the time to grab my camera, due to time constraint...sifu keep on giving us things to do and things to complete.....everything needs to be fast, fast, fast.

In the 5 days, we were required to decorate 4 cakes, including some flowers a greeting card a pair of bride and groom with medium such as Royal Icing, Fondant, pastillage, gumpaste and Silkpaste

Ok ok, without further ado:

Motifs done with Color flow, royal icing.

Color flow collar for 1 of the 3 tier cake. This is very fragile. 1 wrong move and everything is history!
For the middle tier, we were taught to do string works with tipe 1L!! thats smaller than a tip/nozzle no.1..surprisingly, I enjoyed doing, though, after an hour we start to get double vision.

Each of the scallop below consist of 6 different strings. 1 scallop breaks, the whole series of scallops would break too! Luckily it didnt happen to me
colored the 'bowl' with color flow,
built "bridges" and to connect the cake to he scallops....and tiny dots along the lines

Supposed to add some motifs along the top ridges, just didnt have the time...sighhh

For the top tier, covered the side of the cake with 'smocking' work. It starts with this,
and end up like this!! I like this one.

And the lowest tier, frill works and ribbons insertion

A separate cake, covered with royal icing (real cake and covered with marzipan). Board covered with royal icing too. The motifs u saw earlier are now on the cake

The item on the right is a greeting card made with pastillage. Patch work poppy as decoration. Painted with edible paint. On the right, is my not so 'siap' trinket box cover, decorated with folk art painting.....really put my not so 'happening' painting skills to test!

Now, the most fun part. To get these couple done, it involved some sweat, heart stopping moments, palpitations and the best part was, lots of laughter!. My friend said mine looked like the actors of the "Living dead"....hahaha, yeah, they do look scary, I agree. In KL, these bridal couple alone could cost RM250.00 per pair you know!...(not mine, of couse lah).

Gumpaste flowers...petals of poppy and roses....
My flower arrangement....mind the terbalik rose petals....heheheh

And finally, my fellow course-mates with the Master...some came all the way from Maldives, Singapore and Brunei.....

The End!

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Anonymous said...

Fanny... thanks for sharing this.. i really enjoy it and i come to know lots of new things.. i wonder what if its me.. attending that course without enough experience nih.. macamana la ni... but by viewing at this, i find it so interesting.. i must go for this course.. thanks again and congratulation to you..